M   A   R   I   L   Y   N      C   H   A   P   M   A   N


(posted on 17 Aug 2012)

August 18 - September 3, 2012


Port Metro Vancouver is excited to present Container Art at The Fair at the PNE.

Throughout history, ports around the world have been chronicled by local artists, so don't miss this opportunity to experience this exciting urban, adaptive art exhibit from nine of the most innovative talents of the local artscape.

This year's Container Art Exhibit will be themed around the Port's three pillars- Economy, Environment and Community. Container artists will interpret their relationship to the port through the lens of one or more of the three pillars.

The Port's own container will contain activities and visuals to showcase how the Port brings you goods in a good way.

Port Metro Vancouver is pleased to introduce this talented group via statements of their own work:


Artist: Marilyn Chapman

Name of Installation: Fragile Entanglement

Materials Used: Acrylic paintings on canvas (Sparse Spawn and Golden Spawn), prints of the paintings, display props


Originally from the Prairies, I moved to Vancouver in 1980 and then to Vancouver Island in the early 1990's. As an artist, I was immediately inspired by the vibrancy of the City of Vancouver, set within extraordinary raw beauty: scrolls of rainforest foliage, snow-capped mountains, weathered sandstone and driftwood beaches, swirls of sea patterns and repetitive drops of rain. When I paint, I step inside that landscape to represent nature abstractly and organically with all its intricacies. In my latest series of paintings, entitled "Fragile Entanglements", I explore the delicate co-existence of ecosystems, lending an artist's voice to environmental issues and sustainability. My work has been described as an abstract representation of nature, an aerial map of cities and communities and a close-up look inside the human body.

Using acrylics on large canvas, I paint the connective flow of nature... the complex life systems we all rely upon to work silently together. That connective flow of vibrant life is what Vancouver and Canada's west coast mean to me. The existence of such a busy port as Port Metro Vancouver operating amidst such incredible natural beauty fascinates me. Most cities have industrial areas of town, usually grimy, dirty and smelly, but here industry literally sits on top of nature and visitors will certainly tell you, it is pristine! This is truly a magical place, a place with deep-rooted ancestral history, a tradition of people who have depended on the land, yet have always honoured and respected it.