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August 18 - September 3, 2012


Solo Exhibition at the Campbell River Art Gallery: Fragile Entanglements


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Fragile Entanglements Exhibition

(posted on 24 May 2011)


Marilyn Chapman’s exhibit “Fragile Entanglements” opens Thursday night at Campbell River Art Gallery

Meet artist and former Campbell River resident Marilyn Chapman on Thursday for the opening of her exhibit “Fragile Entanglement” at the Campbell River Art Gallery.

Chapman now lives in Victoria and taught in School District 72 for many years. The exhibit was inspired by the extraordinary landscape of Vancouver Island. She sees the scrolls of rainforest foliage, weathered driftwood beaches, swirls of sea patterns and repetitive raindrops, and expresses the inner life that teems beneath the outward vision.

In Fragile Entanglements, Chapman steps inside the landscape to represent nature abstractly and organically. She lends an artist’s eye and a painter’s skill to environmental awareness. Using acrylics on large canvases, she explores the delicate co-existence of ecosystems and the interwoven, complex life systems we rely on.

“I paint in an organic, layering style where blankets of fluid, watery colour are built up on large canvases, superimposed with intricate patterns to represent nature’s delicate detail,” says Chapman. “The resulting abstractions are interwoven, interdependent environments.”

With our modern lives taking awareness away from our dependency on nature, we are often oblivious to the fact that we rely on complex life systems constantly working together at many levels: revolving universes, sunrises and sunsets, tidal ebb and flow, swirls of sea patterns; microcosms and macrocosms. This reality is an essential element of Chapman’s art-making process, calling us to see our role and responsibility within the complex whole.

When Chapman steps inside the landscape to record and represent nature, her journey reveals intricacies rarely acknowledged by the naked eye. Her contemplations unveil an elaborate convergence of organisms and forces and each piece reveals a dynamic, high-density whole.

Chapman’s art studies took place in Manitoba before she left the prairies for the West Coast. She has exhibited extensively in Vancouver and Victoria in numerous shows and tours, as well as in Studio Vogue in Toronto.

Chapman will also be working with local pupils once more – this time leading three school tours at the gallery to discuss her exhibition and take students through a printmaking exercise that will become part of a larger mural or sculptural installation in their schools aimed at increasing environmental awareness.

Thursday’s opening starts at 7 p.m.







Vancouver, June 19, 2010DRAWN is pleased to announce the finalists for The Drawing Room, a new national juried exhibition taking place July 17 through August 7 as part of the festival's 2010 edition.

"We are very impressed by the number and quality of the submissions that we received," said festival co-founder Robert Kardosh. "We would like to congratulate the finalists and thank all those who participated by making a submission to The Drawing Room."

The selection process was done primarily on the basis of consensus, as well as a limited number of choices by individual jurors. Jury members were not privy to any information regarding the identity or regional association of the applicants. The overall effect is something like the Canadian geography-- expansive, diverse and inspiring.

The finalists are:


Jaime Angelopoulos (Toronto, ON)
Shuvinai Ashoona (Cape Dorset, NU)
Amy Bagshaw (Toronto, ON)
Ted Barker (Winnipeg, MB)
Rosanne Bennett (Vancouver, BC)
Leah Biggs (Vancouver, BC)
Lisa Birke (Vancouver, BC)
Barb Bondy (Toronto, ON / Alabama, USA)
Brian Boulton (Vancouver, BC)
Mandy Boursicot (Vancouver, BC)
Calvin Bradbury (Langley, BC)
Pauline Braun (Winnipeg, MB)
Lucie Chan (Vancouver, BC)
Marilyn Chapman (Victoria, BC)
Lisa Cinar (Vancouver, BC)
Ben Clarkson (Winnipeg, MB)
Scott Cumberland (Edmonton, AB)
Fei Disbrow (Vancouver, BC)
Jamie Dolinko (Vancouver, BC)
Kristina Fiedrich (Vancouver, BC)
Brian Grison (Victoria, BC)
Lyndl Hall (Vancouver, BC)
Thomas Hendry (Toronto, ON)
Erik Jerezano (Toronto, ON)
Charles Keillor (Vancouver, BC)

Davida Kidd (Burnaby, BC)
Laura Lamb (Vancouver, BC)
Chantal Lefebvre (Vancouver, BC)
Nina Leo (Toronto, ON)
Nick Lepard (Vancouver, BC)
Ina Levytsky (Toronto, ON)
Gavin Lynch (Dunrobin, ON)
Robert Malinowski (Toronto, ON)
Kavavaow Mannomee (Cape Dorset, NU)
Marie-Eve Martel (Blainville, QC)
Diane Morin (Montreal, QC)
Val Nelson (Vancouver, BC)
Nam Duc Nguyen (Edmonton, AB / Berlin, GER)
Kelly O'Neill (Peterborough, ON)
Bruce Pashak (Vancouver, BC)
Tamara Rusnak (Regina, SK)
Erin Schwab (Fort McMurray, AB)
Jay Senetchko (Vancouver, BC)
Carolyn Stockbridge (Vancouver, BC)
Leslie Supnet (Winnipeg, MB)
Andrew Valko (Winnipeg, MB)
Anthony Vrakotas (Montreal, QC)
Jasmine Wallace (Vancouver, BC)
Roger Watt (Vancouver, BC)
Taizo Yamamoto (Vancouver, BC)

The Drawing Room runs July 17 through August 7 at the Pendulum Gallery (885 West Georgia Street, Vancouver). An opening reception will take place Friday July 16, 7—9 pm





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