Artist Statement

My art process is one of exploration and discovery in which I let the paint take me where it wants to go. It is full of unpredictability, of challenges that open up to discoveries, new possibilities and new directions. I begin a piece by creating spontaneous movement across the canvas, freely spraying water and splashing paint, sometimes quickly drawing over the surface to establish a scrolling energy, an underlying story to be told. The puddles and drips and flow of the paint draw me in and I become charmed by the materiality, the process, the unexpected. The painting feels its way along as I lay out veils of washes and place colours side by side, then work in lights and darks and pull out details. Repeated layers of paint, crayon, graphite and pastels add a personal script of marks and movement. I obliterate, remove, blur, smudge, work on top, stop and stare, flip the piece around, and make decisions, all the while trying to control whilst preserving the freshness. I feel the freedom of the creativity and the pulse of its rhythm. The painting gets lost, then finds its way as I tell myself, “Let it dance!”



Oceanspray Studio