M   A   R   I   L   Y   N     C   H   A   P   M   A   N




A Canadian artist originally from Winnipeg, Marilyn has a degree in Fine Arts from the University of Manitoba School of Art. Her abstract paintings are rich in prairie roots with memories of vast horizons, cloudscapes and quilt-shaped farmland. When she moved to British Columbia's west coast, she was absorbed by the magical landscape. Her paintings took on an an amoebic “flow” of intertwined patterns and rhythms that reflect daily walks along ocean and forest trails. In her studio on Vancouver Island, Marilyn captures nature's intricacies and abstractions through a close-up perspective. Using an explorative technique in her work, she lets the paint take her where it wants to go, resulting in an organic interpretation of the world around us. 

“The artist’s job is to be a witness to his time in history.” - â€‹Robert Rauschenberg

Marilyn’s work takes a snapshot of today. Her Fragile Entanglement series explores environmental issues and sustainability and was featured as a solo exhibition at the Campbell River Public Art Gallery and as a solo installation at the PNE Container Art Exhibition in Vancouver. A painted hubcap “metal canvas” from this series is currently part of a touring international museum exhibition, sponsored by Landfill Art, an artists’ reclamation project featuring artists from 50 countries around the world. In her exhibition Cover Up, Marilyn chronicles how our lifestyles and technology are impacting our planet and in her upcoming show The Guardians, she explores mythology and folklore, bringing forward the teachings and lessons we can learn from the stories of our past to preserve the world for future generations.