M   A   R   I   L   Y   N      C   H   A   P   M   A   N



Marilyn Chapman is a contemporary Vancouver Island artist working in acrylics and mixed media. Her connection with Nature radiates from her abstract paintings, celebrating the magic of Canada's west coast landscape and intuitively emulating its flow of intertwined patterns and rhythms: scrolls of rainforest foliage, swirls of sea patterns, weathered driftwood beaches and repetitive drops of rain. Having grown up in Winnipeg, Marilyn’s work is also rich in prairie roots with hints of cloudscapes, vast horizons and quilt-shaped farmland surfacing from time to time. Making art is one of Marilyn’s earliest memories - painting with her father at the kitchen table and attending weekly art classes at the Winnipeg Art Gallery as a young child. She went on to graduate with a degree in Fine Arts from the University of Manitoba School of Art and a Certificate in Education.

Drawn to the intricacies of Nature, Marilyn steps inside the landscape to explore the delicate co-existence of ecosystems. Her work takes a snapshot of today and lends an artist’s voice to environmental issues and sustainability. Her Fragile Entanglements series was featured as a solo exhibition at the Campbell River Public Art Gallery and in Vancouver as a solo installation at the PNE. Her current series of paintings, Global Warnings, addresses climate change. Marilyn contributed an old painted hubcap ‘metal canvas’ to the Artists’ Reclamation Project sponsored by Landfill Art in Pennsylvania, which has now been recycled as part of a touring international museum exhibition, On The Road Again, through the Humanities Exchange.

Marilyn’s paintings emerge from a process of exploration and discovery as she lets the paint take her where it wants to go. The resulting abstractions have been described as organic interpretations… a close-up look at the delicate life systems we all rely upon to work silently together.