M A R I L Y N   C H A P M A N

organic works presented in mixed media


Cloud Watching


Artist Statement

My work is informed by the spirit of Vancouver Island's breathtaking landscape with its long stretches of driftwood beaches and scrolling old-growth rainforests. The nature outside my studio window creeps into the work in unforeseen ways - the light, colours, textures, patterns, rhythms, movement, resilience. Feelings, memories, and experiences flow through the paint and emerge through the language of abstraction, an organic interpretation of the world around me.

I love the wonderful sense of freedom that painting offers as brush strokes carry energy and vitality across a canvas. Drawing establishes an underlying story to be told and washes of paint build up a history. I love the sensory quality of acrylic paint - its flow, drips, puddles, splashes, and layering qualities. 

Painting for me is all about the exploration and discovery, a process in which I let the paint take me where it wants to go. As the journey unfolds, there are risks, challenges, problems to solve, and decisions to be made; the painting gets lost, then finds its way again... all the while chasing the magic.


“A painting to me is primarily a verb, not a noun…” Elaine de Kooning



Oceanspray Studio