M A R I L Y N   C H A P M A N

organic works presented in mixed media




Artist Statement

My work is informed by the spirit of Vancouver Island's breathtaking landscape with its long stretches of driftwood beaches, meandering rainforest trails and enchanting gardens. The nature outside my studio window creeps into the work in unforeseen ways as light, colours, textures, patterns and rhythms flow through the paint. For me, art making is all about exploration and discovery, an intuitive process in which I let the paint take me where it wants to go. Feelings, memories and experiences emerge through the language of abstraction - an organic interpretation of the world around me. As the journey unfolds, there are risks, challenges, problems to solve and decisions to be made; the painting gets lost, then finds its way again... all the while chasing the magic.

“A painting to me is primarily a verb, not a noun.”   Elaine de Kooning



Acorn Studio - Victoria, British Columbia