M A R I L Y N   C H A P M A N

organic works presented in mixed media



Betwixt and Between: Gage Gallery, Victoria

-work about liminal space, featuring interpretive dance and interaction with projected painting images


Off the Wall: Gage Gallery, Victoria

-work that emanates nature’s flow of intertwined patterns and rhythms 

with images appearing both on and off the wall


Landfill Art: Pennsylvania

-an Artists’ Reclamation Project and touring international museum exhibition

with painted hubcap ‘metal canvases’ 



Fresh: Fortune Gallery, Victoria

-interpretations that explore nature’s patterns of growth and renewal




Fragile Entanglements: Campbell River Public Art Gallery & Studio Vogue Gallery, Toronto

-a close-up view of our delicate ecosystems, a balance we are changing


Fragile Entanglements: Container Art at the Pacific National Exhibition, Vancouver

-a response to the impact of industry on environment


Sparse Spawn, 24 x 96 inches